April 12 Confirmation Interview Schedule

To sign up for an interview time, go to the website page that is at this link:  https://www.olgminot.org/confirmation-interview-form

This is the schedule for Confirmation Interviews on Wed., April 12.  It will be adjusted as requests for times come in or are changed.  Please contact Tanya with time requests and changes.

Wed., April 12, Confirmation Interviews

4:15-4:30pm:  Dufner,

4:30-4:45pm:  Boyle-Clark, 

FILLED, NO MORE SPOTS AVAILABLE AT 4:45pm:  4:45-5:00pm:  R. Hecker, H. Hecker, Lundeen, Gust, Holliday, Wilk, Kelly-Binkoski

5:00-5:15pm:   Fricke, Alexander, Nwankwo

5:15-5:30pm:  Harris, Zimmerman, Christopher, Ell

5:30-5:45pm:  Sander

5:45-6:00pm:  Huighe


6:15-6:30pm:  Racine

6:30-6:45pm:  Heidt

6:45-7:00pm:  Boucher, Mogusu

7:00-7:15pm:  Hertz, Knutson, Kelly, E. Andersen, Rojas, Jansen