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You may find the daily readings for the Masses on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website.

If you wish to watch the Masses and see Fr. Bruce's messages on our YouTube channel, go to this link.  (Scroll down for the live stream Sunday Masses.)  Also, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Thank you.

Hello! Our Mass for the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 25, 2021, is shown below. Please click on it to view it. God bless you! Deacon Steve



Informational Videos

Fr. Bruce invites you to watch this brief Advent Invitation video created December 4.


Please join in our Advent Projects.  Advent begins November 29.


Fr. Bruce encourages us to live out our call to stewardship by considering how we may use our gifts to benefit our parish.


Are you an adult who is concerned about returning to Mass? Do you want to help your children know what changes they might see? In this heartwarming video message filmed in May, Fr. Bruce explains what you can expect when you return to Mass after being away during the pandemic. We continue to live stream the Saturday vigil Masses.  Please scroll down to see them.


In this brief video, Fr. Bruce Krebs shares that he, too, was once a teacher with no experience. He encourages parents who must teach their children at home (due to the closing of schools as a result of the coronavirus) to "take a break when you need to, spend some time with your kids, let them know that they're important, that you love them. More than the fact that they have to learn some particular thing every day, let them feel your love and your care for them as parents."



Take some time today, if you can, to listen to this beautiful message from Fr. Bruce. "There's a longing, there's a restlessness, there's a hunger in us. We're all searching for something" that can only be filled by God, he shares, plus so much more.



Here's something that will hopefully make you smile.  (Part 1 + see Part 2 below it.)


In this video - Part 2: What's different about Fr. Bruce? - he thanks parishioners for the "helpful" ideas they gave him after watching Part 1 of this saga.

Guess who got his hair cut on May 1?