Thank you for registering!

Thank you for registering for our Faith Formation, Sacramental Preparation, Confirmation and/or Youth programs!

Please pay tuition online at this link.  Choose "One Time", and then follow the prompts.  Tuition and scholarship information is below.  Thank you!

Tuition is:
- By July 1:  1 child = $65, 2 = $130, 3 = $195, 4 or more = $225 family maximum
- By Aug. 31:  1 child = $70, 2 = $140, 3 = $210, 4 or more = $225 family maximum
- Sept. 1 through Nov. 30:  1 child = $75, 2 = $150, 3 or more = $225 family maximum
If registering Dec. 1 or later, please contact us about availability and tuition.

Note:  There is no tuition for Bishop Ryan students who are participating in Sacramental Preparation or Confirmation.  The full tuition fee is waived for the children or grandchildren of those who volunteer as a Catechist or full-time Aide, committing to a particular class/time for the full Faith Formation year.  Other consistent volunteer activities may also qualify for waived tuition.  Please contact the Faith Formation office at 701-839-6834 or by email for volunteer details.  Scholarships for tuition are available.  No one will be excluded from classes due to inability to pay.   

If your family is not yet registered as parish members at Our Lady of Grace, you may register for parish membership at this link.   We are unable to input your children's information into the children's/youth programs unless you are in our database as parish members.  Thank you.

We are excited to welcome your children to our classes and youth activities!